About Us

Polyban Naturae over the years has clinched a niche for itself in the manufacture and export of PP nonwoven disposable products. The premium quality of our products has paid rich dividends so as to earn for us a good reputation in the global market.

Our company is the converting unit for Sinecera Textiles Private Ltd, a renowned manufacturer of PP spun bond non-woven fabric in South India. Sinecera is well known for providing its customers with a comprehensive and exclusive range of PP non-woven fabric.

Our primary focus is to be no.1 manufacturer and distributor of disposable products in a wide range of fields including beauty toiletry, medical and lodging. Distribution is from a central warehouse in Chennai where we also have an office. We are also in good relations with other well-equipped manufacturers besides our own factory.

The key measures of our success is continued marketing and regular customer care that goes hand in hand with neat and tidy production and transportation of our products.

Our vision is to earn our customers’ trust by the way of bestowing non-woven disposable products of peerless quality and thus becoming the world’s most esteemed company.